ASK THE AUDIENCE April 11, 2022

What Squares Would You Add to Press Your Luck?

We asked BuzzerBlog readers on social media what squares they would add. Take a look at some responses!

We’re trying out a new feature called Ask the Audience, where we’ll regularly ask our community on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord a question and pick out some of our favorite responses.

Press Your Luck is coming back for a fourth season in July on ABC. Each season the show usually throws in a new square or brings back one from the past to mix it up. Season two saw the return of “Double Your Money” and “Add A One”, while season three saw the new “Take The Lead” square. We asked our social media channels if they could make a new square for Press Your Luck season four what would they do? Take a look at some of our favorite answers below! Some we could absolutely see, and some are the kind of ridiculousness in prizes we’ve grown to love on this show. Be sure to chime in with your thoughts as well!

Pick a Prize, if it wouldn’t bog down the pacing.

Greg Gouillart from our Facebook

A money square that doubles every time it gets hit, starting at say $500.

Christopher Jaunsen from our Facebook

Ceramic velociraptor

Joe Trela from our Facebook

The Big Bank from the Whammy version

Eric Faralan from our Facebook

And, shamelessly, our answer: