Ethics Statement

The staff of BuzzerBlog have agreed to follow this code of ethics while running BuzzerBlog.

We don’t make any profit off of this. We build professional relationships and trust with our sources so that our readers can have a better in-depth perspective of the industry they enjoy everyday. —Bob Hagh, Editor-in-Chief

If a staff member appears as a contestant or major participant of any broadcast game or reality show, that staff member will be forbidden from writing about any aspect of the show—even news unrelated to the episode in question—until the episode airs.

Advertisers are BuzzerBlog’s main source of revenue. Our ad spaces are hosted by Google Adsense, and they are responsible for selling ad space on our site. We do not, have not, and will not ever accept money or other consideration from companies as a condition or incentive to write a review or story, whether favorable or unfavorable. Any review posted on BuzzerBlog are based on our editorial discretion, and not based on the desire of any company, advertiser or PR firm.

BuzzerBlog obtains news and content from a variety of sources. Some of our sources do not wished to be named, and our policy is to honor such requests and keep these sources anonymous without exception. We do not provide compensation for tips.

Our staff members are sometimes asked to appear in a professional capacity as experts on various television, news, radio or other media. These appearances do not constitute endorsement of any companies discussed.

Our editorial content is written by individuals, and each article represents the opinion or view of the individual writers. Any opinion expressed in content that appears on BuzzerBlog is the opinion of the writer—whether an editor, staff member, or other contributor, and should not be construed as an opinion formally approved or endorsed by BuzzerBlog as a whole.

This code of ethics was adapted from The Verge’s code of ethics.