THE AGONY December 28, 2023

Watch Melissa Peterman’s Soul Leave Her Body After So Many Bad Guesses on Person Place or Thing

You have to see this two minute series of bad guesses from Person Place or Thing to believe it.

Look, we try very hard to not insult contestants. Being on stage is more difficult than you may realize. The pressures of the cameras, lights, and money can make you say and do crazy things. But we have our limits. Take, for example, this question from a recent episode of Person Place or Thing. The contestants have to guess “Earth, Wind, and Fire” based on the category of “Band” and various clues very clearly pointing to them…including “This band’s name refers to 3 of the 4 astrological elements.” When the contestants start guessing Green Day all hope is lost and we truly feel what Wally (the bird mascot) is going through. Check it out below.