WATCH August 9, 2022

Watch the First Episode of Person, Place, or Thing

Watch the first episode of this new game show and be mesmerized by the logo bird.

This week Fox launched a trial run for a new game show in select markets called Person, Place, or Thing. Hosted by Melissa Peterman, the show is essentially the classic game 20 Questions. Contestants can win up to $2,000 and a trip by correctly guessing a variety of people, places, or things.

If you’ve seen any of Fox First Run’s other shows like 25 Words or Less or You Bet Your Life you can get the idea of the tone this goes for. It’s not a knock on the show, either. Person, Place, or Thing is pretty fun. Check out the first episode below. What do you think?

Also kudos to whoever decided to animate the bird on the logo to react with the show’s action. Very clever and fun. If the rest of the test run is as fun as this I hope we can see a full series of the show next year.