NEW SHOW March 21, 2024

Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity? Greenlit; Records in April

A celebrity-driven spin-off of 5th Grader is coming. Get all the details inside.

Back in December there was word that a spinoff of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? was casting. The spinoff is happening and more details are coming out. The new series, called Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?, has been picked up and has twelve taping sessions starting April 4th. It’s a paid audience call so if you’re in Los Angeles and you’re interested in taking part, click here.

Earlier this week Variety was reporting that the new series will stream on Amazon Prime and could potentially be hosted by Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Amazon has been going heavy on unscripted TV, specifically game shows, in recent months. The 1% Club is coming to Prime (as well as Fox after initial streaming). This new series could potentially also make its way to broadcast television in the same way to stay tuned for that.

There’s also casting going on for a new game show which sounds an awful lot like the former UK quiz show Win Your Wishlist but evidently may not be Win Your Wishlist.