NEW SHOW February 14, 2024

Report: Patton Oswalt to Host Prime’s The 1% Club

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The American version of the popular UK quiz show The 1% Club has recently begun taping and it appears its host has been named. Actor and comedian Patton Oswalt is reported to be the host of the brainteaser quiz show which is rumored to begin airing on Amazon Prime in Spring 2024.

The 1% Club sees an audience of 100 contestants staked $1,000 at the start of the show. They’re asked a series of questions, getting more difficult as the show goes along. Those correct survive and those wrong are eliminated with their $1,000 being added to the final prize pot. If any contestant can answer the final 1% question, the toughest of the game, they will each win an equal share of the final prize pot.

Lee Mack hosts the British version currently airing on ITV. Its third season begins on February 17th. Here’s a quick preview of the Australian version.