WE CALLED IT May 17, 2022

ABC Greenlights Celebrity Jeopardy and You’re Welcome, America

Jeopardy is coming back to primetime soon!

ABC announced its Fall 2022 schedule today and game shows are represented on Sunday nights. The biggest announcement for us? Celebrity Jeopardy! is coming to primetime! ABC announced an all new primetime version of Celebrity Jeopardy! will air Sundays at 8PM ET starting this fall. There’s no word on who the host is yet. Initially Mayim Bialik was said to host the primetime editions of Jeopardy! but with host announcements surely on the horizon and Mayim’s sitcom on Fox getting a third season who knows. ABC has not announced the host as of now.

And just leaving this here. You’re welcome, America.

ABC has also announced a third season of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune which will air immediately after Celebrity Jeopardy!.