FINAL JEOPARDY October 11, 2021

Matt Amodio’s Jeopardy Streak Comes to an End

Matt ends his run with the second longest win streak in the show's history.

Through the clown car of hosts and the behind the scenes drama, the one consistent thing over the past few months of Jeopardy! has been champion Matt Amodio. Sadly that chapter has come to a close. Matt lost his on his 39th appearance during today’s episode, finishing in third place with a total of $5,600. Matt won the $1,000 consolation prize today and is leaving the show (for now) with $1,519,601.

A quick rundown of the records Matt has:

*Second longest win streak in Jeopardy! history (38 wins)
*Third biggest regular season total ($1,519,601)
*Fourth biggest winner of all time ($1,519,601)
*Survived six hosts (Robin Roberts, LeVar Burton, David Faber, Joe Buck, Mike Richards, Mayim Bialik)

Take a look at Matt’s final moments on the show, plus a quick post-show chat with host Mayim Bialik. Tonight’s episode was the first episode credited to new executive producer Michael Davies.