WINNING STREAK October 10, 2021

How Much More Does Matt Amodio Need to Win to Break the All Time Winning Streak Record?

We have something beyond the Jeopardy! host to talk about!

As of today Matt Amodio is up to 38 wins and $1.5 million dollars. Matt has had runaway victories most matches so it’s difficult to even think when his time could end. He’s now number two in all-time longest Jeopardy! win streaks, just behind Ken Jennings. But he’ll need to win another 37 matches to beat that record. Is Ken the peak he could go for? Not even close. That record belongs to a team on a Spanish game show.

If you’re a big game show fan you may remember the short-lived Fox game show Boom!. The game saw teams eliminate wrong answers by clipping wires from a “bomb”. Clipping the right answer blew the bomb up but clipping the wrong answers won the team cash. The show didn’t work out in America but it’s been a much bigger hit in Europe.

The Spanish version of Boom! is a daily show where two teams face off in a similar format as the American version. The day’s winning team then has two minutes to answer 15 questions. If they run out of time they don’t get anything but answering all 15 correct wins the team the jackpot which grows by €5,000 a day.

The longest winning streak belongs to the team “Los Lobos” who played for 505 games before winning the jackpot and taking home €6,689,700. For a comparison if Matt Amodio won as many games as Los Lobos did, at his current average, he’d be leaving with at least $19,000,000.

Could Matt possibly beat this record? If we’re still here in by the end of 2023 we’ll let you know!