WHAT August 22, 2021

Watch: The Mike Richards Price is Right Audition Tape Leaks

Someone at Fremantle has a bit of a vendetta.

So on top of everything else going on with Jeopardy! and current-maybe executive producer and definitely-former-one-day host Mike Richards, now this leaks. I have no idea who did this, but his The Price is Right host audition tape leaked.

Mike Richards recorded an audition to host Price, following Bob Barker’s retirement, on March 12, 2007. Only a screenshot of it was seen before. On the same day Richards stepped down as Jeopardy! host after a single day, someone who had access to the tape uploaded it.

In absolute fairness while there’s a lot to fault Mike with, his audition wasn’t bad. It just falls into the same situation of every other thing he’s hosted: perfectly serviceable but bland. Trust me there were *far* worse candidates. Immaculately tanned George Hamilton also taped that day and that one would be enormously fun to watch.