A Reboot of American Gladiators Appears to be Casting

Is American Gladiators finally coming back? Casting notices seem to suggest so. Read more!

Update: The reboot of American Gladiators is now casting contenders as well.

After several aborted attempts over the past decade, it seems that the reboot of American Gladiators may finally be happening. Casting notices have been going up for the iconic series searching for its next set of Gladiators. Check out the flyer below.

There’s no word yet on who this would be for, when it would happen, or any further details. It’s all pretty early so we’ll let you know when things start moving. Having said this, it seems that MGM owns the show now, and Amazon bought MGM in 2021. Amazon has been on an unscripted TV streak recently so this could potentially be a new series for Prime. Prime has the US version of The 1% Club starting May 23rd.

A reboot of American Gladiators comes on the heels of an incredibly successful British revival, hosed by Bradley Walsh. The 2024 Gladiators series became one of the most successful family entertainment launches for BBC in seven years.