RARE FIND January 5, 2024

Episode of Password ’75 Featuring Carol Burnett Found and Uploaded

A new episode of the very rare 1975 version of Password just went online! Watch it now.

This is a wonderful game show hidden gem to kick off the weekend. There aren’t many episodes of the 1975 ABC version of Password, so any time a new episode appears online it’s a treat. Thanks to our Discord for letting us know that YouTube account Video Store 64 has uploaded a not-seen-since-aired episode of Password ’75 featuring Carol Burnett!

This version of Password has several unique tweaks to the format not carried over to any other versions after. The most noticeable changes are a qualifier round to select the two contestants and a new triple Lightning Round which was heavy on the math but very interesting to see and played for thousands of dollars. Check out the episode below!

Hopefully more episodes of Password ’75 can show up at some point. It’s a rare find and we’d love to see more.