April 24, 2023

Watch: Tucker Carlson Hosted the Ironically Titled Game Show “Do You Trust Me?”

In light of his firing check out the demo reel for this cancelled-before-airing CBS quiz show featuring a heavy trust element and Tucker being...well, Tucker.

In 2007 CBS picked up six episodes of the Phil Gurin-produced quiz show Do You Trust Me?. Hosted by a pre-Fox News Tucker Carlson, the show was a jacked up version of Game Show Network’s Friend or Foe, if you remember that. No footage of the series has really been seen until now. Check out the demo reel below and read more about its history.

Each episode sees two contestants answering questions trying to build up a Trust Fund as Carlson reveals tidbits about each other which could make the contestants trust each other less. Throughout the game they’ll have the option to play on or try to steal the money for themselves. With $2,000,000 up for grabs, it all comes down to a final Share or Split decision, where if one steals they get it all but if they both try to steal, they leave with $0.

CBS shot six episodes of the series and went as far as having a website set for the show, still viewable here via Web Archive. The network got cold feet after seeing the final results and never aired the series.