ITV’s Tipping Point Turns Ten

Happy birthday to Tipping Point! Look back to the first episode plus see what the show looks like in 2022!

Happy birthday to ITV’s Tipping Point which turns ten today. A game shows that stick around for a decade is incredibly rare so it’s an amazing achievement. Who would have figured a quiz show based around an arcade pusher machine would be as engaging and fun as it is? On paper the concept seems silly but there is something extremely addictive about it.

Tipping Point is successful because, despite such an odd premise, it contains all the core concepts of all great game shows: it’s fun to play along with, it’s hard to not shout at the TV during, and it looks incredibly fun to play. You want to be able to play the gigantic coin pusher and see how you can do. Congratulations to everyone involved and we can’t wait to watch more. Take a look back to the first episode below as well as a recent game!