FRIDAY THE 13TH May 13, 2022

Watch Seven of the Unluckiest Game Show Moments

Happy Friday the 13th! Look back at some unlucky game show moments from The Price is Right, Card Sharks, Press Your Luck, Lingo, and Deal or No Deal.

The unluckiest day, Friday the 13th, has arrived. Games shows are no stranger to misfortune. Between simple mishaps and contestants losing hundreds of thousands of dollars there’s no shortage of unlucky moments. We asked our community to tell us some of the most memorable unlucky moments in game shows. Take a look at what they came up with. Be sure to join us on Twitter or Discord to get involved, too!

*Jean Takes out the Power Five on Deal or No Deal

It’s over a 1:25000 chance for someone to knock out the top five amounts in the first five boxes on Deal or No Deal UK. Unfortunately it happened to poor Jean. She recovered and ended up winning a few grand, but check out the moment.

*Josh’s Unlucky Deal or No Deal Australia Game

The second most unlucky Deal or No Deal moment ever comes from Australia. Josh not only knocked out the top four amounts in the first six picks but he did it in order!

*Mathew Leaves With Nothing on Press Your Luck

With a million dollars on the line it’s not a bad strategy to try to win the game with $0 and Whammy your opponents out on Press Your Luck. Mathew did this. Unfortunately the bonus round did not go his way and he became the first person ever to win Press Your Luck and leave with nothing.

*Over By $2

The Showcases can give us some of the most painful moments on The Price Is Right. This one, though, may be the worst. It’s hard to be closer than this.

*Losing $64,000 on Lingo

The original 1980s version of Lingo had a bonus round where contestants had to avoid getting a Lingo to win up to $64,000. This team played the bonus round well and there was only one ball out of all the numbers which would lose their money…which of course they found at the very last minute.

*Four 3s in a Row

Card Sharks initially did not have a “double means no loss” rule. This Money Cards playing may have changed that. This poor contestant pulled all four 3s in a row.

*Missing a Million By a Millimeter

In the 00s The Price Is Right had a series of “Million Dollar Spectaculars” where spinning the dollar on the Big Wheel during the bonus spin would not get you $10,000 but $1,000,000. It’s quite literally impossible to be closer than this contestant. You can even faintly hear the bells and sirens going off in the background. The show was that sure it was going to happen.