MIND BLOWN May 10, 2022

Watch: Someone Pulled a Michael Larson on Classic Concentration

I think we’ve come to the conclusion now that if something was computerized and random in the 80s that it wasn’t randomized at all. We saw that infamously on Press Your Luck. But now it’s coming out that Classic Concentration was the same and you could ‘game’ the game to win a car.

Classic Concentration‘s end game gave a contestant 15 squares consisting of seven pairs of cars plus one decoy. If you make all seven matches in time the last pair you match is what you win. It’s seemed like a random arrangement of cars until the video below from Scott Robinson was released.

Classic Concentration relied on a series of patterns as did Press Your Luck. There was a larger number of patterns on Concentration but if you memorized a few and got lucky enough to have one show up you were guaranteed a car in a very short amount of time. The contestant at the end of the video shows us that. She even practically says how she figured it out!

This does beg the question if the front game is on a series of patterns as well, but that’s a video for another day.