O CANADA May 9, 2022

Canadian Game Show Talk About Joins the Buzzr Lineup

Talk About is coming to America for the first time in almost three decades!

Great unexpected news to start the week with: the popular Canadian game show Talk About is coming to America. Buzzr has picked up the word game which has not been seen in America in almost three decades. Talk About kicks off with a marathon on May 29th before joining the lineup full time on May 30th.

If you’ve not seen it Talk About is somewhere between Family Feud and the board game Outburst. Two teams of two “talk about” a subject, with each having 20 seconds to guess up to ten hidden clue words. If the team doesn’t get all ten within time the opposing team gets to see the words that were not guessed and tries to guess what the subject is. The winning team plays the bonus round for thousands in cash and prizes.

If you’ve not seen it before take a look at it below. It’s a fun show and I’m very glad we get to see more of it. We’ve also got the announcement here!