BETTY WHITE January 8, 2022

Buzzr Announces Details of Betty White Tributes

Check out the details for Buzzr's celebrations of Betty White's life and legacy.

Starting today (January 8th), Buzzr has scheduled three days to celebrate the beloved First Lady of game shows Betty White. The network’s tributes start January 8th with a marathon of Match Game and Match Game PM beginning at 10:30AM ET. Thanks to members of our Discord (link in the footer of the site) episodes seem to come from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and the 1990 edition.

Next, on Sunday, January 16th, Buzzr will host an all-day Password marathon starting at 10:30AM ET featuring Password, Password Plus, and Super Password. Episodes of original Password date back to 1967.

Finally, on Monday, January 17th, Buzzr will celebrate what would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday with all-new-to-Buzzr episodes of a variety of shows from 8AM to 2AM. Buzzr plans on a chronological look at the life of Betty through game shows. The tribute includes:

  • Make The Connection in 1955
  • To Tell The Truth from 1959
  • Password and What’s My Line? in 1963
  • Password from 1964
  • 1972 What’s My Line? and I’ve Got A Secret
  • Tattletales from 1977
  • Match Game ’79
  • Celebrity Whew! in 1980
  • Trivia Trap from 1984
  • Super Password from 1989
  • To Tell The Truth 1990
  • To Tell The Truth 2016