December 27, 2021

“I Literally Just Told You” Had the Funniest Game Show Episode in Years

This new UK show had the funniest game show episode in years. What game show? I Literally Just Told You.

“I will never forget this” game show moments and episodes come very rarely. The new UK game show I Literally Just Told You achieved this by its second episode. The Jimmy Carr-hosted game asks contestants to just pay attention to what is said and done around them during the show. The more they remember the more money they win, and the day’s winner can win tens of thousands of pounds.

Words cannot accurately describe what an immaculate mess the second episode was. Contestants could just not remember anything. Mix that with epically stupid answers and this is an episode that will live in game show infamy. Take a look at the full episode below. Watch it in full. It’s hard to describe accurately what goes on. It’s amazing.