FINAL ANSWER November 25, 2021

Contestant Wins $1,000,000 on Australian “Millionaire” By Guessing

Happy Thanksgiving! Check out this amazing moment from Millionaire Hot Seat.

The confetti fell for only the second time in Australia’s Millionaire Hot Seat‘s 12 year history. Antony McManus from Melbourne, after using a Swap lifeline to change the question, faced this million dollar question:

Which of these classic literary works was published first?

A: The Count of Monte Cristo
B: A Tale of Two Cities
C: War and Peace
D: Les Misérables

Unsure, Antony guessed A and took home the top prize. For those not familiar with Millionaire Hot Seat, contestants do not gamble money by answering questions like other versions. By reaching the 15th question Antony was either leaving with $1,000 for a wrong answer $1,000,000 if right.

Antony told Nine network (which airs Hot Seat) “I know it’s a cliché, but winning Millionaire Hot Seat has absolutely changed my life. I thought I’d be renting forever but now I’ve bought a beautiful apartment and even paid cash for it! Now I can stop worrying about the future for my husband, Ron, and me. I’m so grateful that the stars aligned on the day. So much had to go right for me to win, and it did. It’s still hard to believe,” said Antony, an LGBTQIA+ activist and a lover of the theatre and the arts.

Check out the amazing moment below.