MONEY OR THE MOB November 11, 2021

Report: 1 VS 100 in Development at Microsoft

The television show that turned into a video game that turned back into a television show may be turning back into a video game soon.

Money or the Mob? You may have the chance to decide again soon. Venture Beat’s Jeff Grubb is reporting that AltSpaceVR, owned by Microsoft, is working on a revival of the popular quiz format 1 VS 100. Grubb reports the project is being worked on with “full support from the Xbox games division.”

1 VS 100 started American life on television at NBC in 2006. The show saw one contestant face off against 100 people, dubbed the “Mob”, in a trivia competition for $1,000,000. The show lasted two seasons. The show then moved to Xbox as a live multiplayer online trivia game played for up to 10,000 Microsoft points. This version also lasted two seasons. 1 VS 100 had a third shot at life as a daily half-hour game show on GSN in 2010. However, this only lasted one season.

Once more information becomes available we’ll let you know but fingers crossed we can see this sooner than later. It’s a fun game that lends itself to an MMO perfectly. Take a look at a game of the Xbox version below.