NEW SHOWS October 27, 2021

So Many UK Game Shows Coming Soon!

Check out all the new and returning shows our British (and crafty American) friends can expect to see.

Maybe thankfully given the Jeopardy!-sized insanity of the summer, game shows have been a little boring over the past few weeks in America. Luckily UK networks are picking up the slack with many new and returning games are coming in the next two weeks. Check out what you can expect to see.

*Moneyball (ITV, October 30th, 6:30PM UK): Moneyball is a new weekly high stakes quiz show. Contestants answer questions to load a ball onto “The Launcher”. They then press a button to “Lock the Launcher”, setting the height in which the ball will be dropped from. The higher the ball drops…the longer the ball will keep rolling. The ball rolls back and forth before resting in a spot. Contestants could win up to £250,000 or leave with nothing on the roll of the Moneyball. Check out a preview below.

*Sitting on a Fortune (ITV, November 7th, 7PM UK): Sitting on a Fortune is a new quiz show where a contestant can win up to £100,000 by being at the right place at the right time. In a unique twist, players take to the stage and position themselves in a row of seats, one behind another. Where you sit makes all the difference as only the player in the chair at the head of the line gets the chance to answer questions, stay in the game and have the chance of winning the jackpot. A wrong answer moves you to the back of the line, and only one person can stay in the Hot Seat long enough to potentially win the jackpot.

*Lingo (ITV, November 8th, 3PM UK): The popular word game Lingo is coming back for a second series. Hosted by Adil Ray, Lingo sees three teams trying to guess four, five, and six letter words. Each guess tells the team if the letter guessed is in the right place, somewhere in the word, or not in the word at all. The day’s winning team has the chance to win thousands of pounds. If you know the American you get the idea of the ITV version…just remove the Bingo game. It’s a lot of fun and great to see the show back for more. And it makes us very eager to get a new American version. Take a look at a UK episode below.

*Moneybags (Channel4, November 8th, 3PM UK): The new Channel 4 quiz show Moneybags sees contestants face a series of questions with the answers on money bags that run along a conveyor belt in front of them. Answer correctly and you get that bag’s value, which can be as little as £1,000 but as much as £100,000. Wrong, though, and you could lose everything. £1,000,000 is up for grabs every week. Craig Charles hosts.

*The Tournament (BBC1, November 8, 14:15 UK): Not much is known about this one yet beyond eight contestants compete in a series of fast-paced quiz battles to eliminate others and walk away with the day’s prize.