October 21, 2021

Game Show Network Launches Two New Series on November 8th

Two word games, a new and returning favorite, are set to debut in November.

Game Show Network has a treat for word game fans. The network has announced the launch date of two new series for Monday, November 8th.

First, at 4:30PM ET, is the new show Tug of Words hosted by Ahmad Rashad. The series sees two teams try to change one letter at a time from a base word based on a clue, bringing the “flag” closer to their side. The day’s winning team plays a timed bonus round for $10,000. We are now calling this the GSN Maneuver. The network has released a few photos from the set. I hope you like gray!

Also on November 8th at 5:00PM ET is the second season of Chain Reaction. If you’ve not seen the new version of Chain Reaction I highly recommend it. It’s arguably the best the show has been in its 40 year history. Contestants try to connect a series of words, building up their bank. The day’s winning team performs the GSN Maneuver.

Kidding aside, the new Chain Reaction is incredibly fun, well hosted, and has the best bonus round the format has ever had so it’s something to definitely keep an eye on. Here’s a full episode, courtesy Game Show Network.