WHAT IS OOF September 13, 2021

Watch the Awkward Jeopardy Season 38 Introduction

In case anyone wants to feel incredibly awkward tonight.

There was really no way around making this season’s first Jeopardy! introduction incredibly bizarre. After the sitcom caper-like events of this summer the first episode was bound to feel super weird. The first episode taped just mere days after the killer story from The Ringer dropped. Any promo for Jeopardy! since the end of August has done its best to make you forget there was a host but the day finally came and those first 90 seconds have been archived. It feels…really weird. Announcer Johnny Gilbert’s introduction is very muted, it’s obviously incredibly edited, and even the temporary one-week host seems to have a resolution of, “This isn’t going to last very long.” Take a look below while it’s up.