LET'S ROCK September 13, 2021

Watch: First Footage from Legends of the Hidden Temple

Take a look at the first footage of the Legends revival.

It’s almost time for the return of Legends of the Hidden Temple! The eagerly anticipated adult revival of the classic children’s game show debuts Sunday, October 10th, on The CW. In this new version adult teams race through the jungle in the new, larger version of the show. Classic elements such as the mote, Olmec, and the Temple Guards return along with a much larger Temple Run.

Host Cristela Alonzo showed off the first trailer for the new series last night. Check it out below. Excited to see it? This looks incredibly fun. Legends is also being done by a team of people who get the show, and game shows in general, and I’m glad to see this being done with such a good team.

Here’s an extra look at that Temple Guard to bring back those childhood nightmares.