TWO ACROSS September 4, 2021

Game Show Network Sets People Puzzler Season Two Premiere Date

Leah Remini’s crossword puzzle quiz show is back with new episodes this September.

One of Game Show Network’s most popular quiz shows, People Puzzler, is coming back with new episodes. The second season of the Leah Remini-hosted game debuts September 27th. Episodes run daily at 6:00PM ET.

People Puzzler, based on People magazine’s popular feature, sees three contestants try to finish crossword puzzles by answering pop culture trivia questions. The day’s winner tries tries to solve three smaller puzzles in 60 seconds for a chance at $10,000.

If you’ve not caught the show yet we’d recommend it, and you can check out a full episode in our video archive for People Puzzler here. It’s a very enjoyable half hour and Leah Remini brings an appropriate level of humor and snark to the proceedings. It’s a self-aware show (Leah takes it as serious as necessary but plays up the show for exactly what it is) and it fits well into Game Show Network’s inoffensive-but-impossible-to-not-play-along-with branding.

Photo courtesy People