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Yes, There’s Really a Frogger Game Show

Watch a preview of Peacock’s new game show Frogger, debuting September 9th.

During the quite literal shit-show of the Slip N’ Slide game show, Peacock’s upcoming show Frogger seemed to slip through the cracks. Good news, though: it’s coming soon and we’ve got a preview. Frogger, based on the popular Konami video game, debuts September 9th on Peacock.

Frogger is a Wipeout-esque version of the classic video game. Contestants act as a real life Frogger as they race across a mega-sized obstacle course. Contestants have to avoid alligators and cars, traverse lily pads and logs, and make their way to the finish line. The team behind ABC’s amazing Holey Moley is doing this so the show is in good hands. Frogger could be very fun so check it out when it debuts next week.

Check out a preview below!