RARE SHOWS September 2, 2021

Buzzr Announces Sixth Annual “Lost and Found” Marathon

Buzzr is opening its vault to showcase rarely seen shows this September.

This September Buzzr opens its vault doors again to showcase some rarely seen games. The network teased its sixth annual “Lost and Found” marathon on September 25th from 4PM ET to 8PM ET. This yearly special features pilots and shows not seen in decades, if ever seen before at all. This is what you can expect to see this year.

*It Had to be You: 1966 unsold pilot precursor to TattleTales

*Take Your Choice: 1954 quiz show pilot hosted by Fred Allen.

*Make the Connection: 1955 celebrity panel game show hosted by Jim McKay and later Gene Rayburn

*Mindreaders: Short-lived 1979 game show hosted by Dick Martin where teams alongside a celebrity captain have to predict how people answered questions.

*Showoffs: Short-lived 1975 game that later became the charades game Body Language

*Whew!: Whew! is coming to Buzzr’s schedule starting September 6th so there’s no word yet if this is a random episode from the series, the 1978 pilot, or something else.