SPIN THE WHEEL August 23, 2021

Michael McIntyre to Host NBC’s The Wheel

The host of the original BBC edition is coming to America.

If you’re a fan of BBC’s game show The Wheel and you’ve been excited to see the upcoming NBC remake, you’re going to have a familiar face to look forward to. Michael McIntyre, the creator of the format and host of the British version, will front the American adaptation coming in 2022. This will be McIntyre’s first American show.

The Wheel sees seven celebrities, each given a different category, sitting on a large spinning wheel. One of three contestants is randomly brought into the game, chooses a category (the celebrity’s seat who is attached the category turns gold), and a celebrity they think won’t know the answer (that celebrity’s chair turns red). Whoever the Wheel stops on can assist the contestant. If the Wheel stops on the gold seat the question is worth more, but if the Wheel stops on a red seat that contestant is put back into the pool and another contestant is randomly selected from the three.

After all seven subjects have been played the contestant plays for the day’s jackpot by answering one more question and chooses a celebrity to assist. Choosing a celebrity who has performed the best is worth half the bank, choosing the middle performer is worth the bank, and choosing the worst performer is worth double the bank. If the contestant answers right they won the jackpot. If they are wrong, though, they are eliminated and another contestant comes up and tries to win one of the remaining cash values.

The Wheel is currently in its second series on BBC. Versions of The Wheel are already airing in Germany and the Netherlands.