ACQUIRED January 4, 2021

25 Words or Less Joins Buzzr on January 18th

You’ll have more ways to watch Meredith Vieira’s word game starting January 18th.

Buzzr is starting 2021 with some big news: 25 Words or Less is joining the network! The Meredith Vieira-hosted word game is coming to the classic game show network starting January 18th. Buzzr typically specializes in retro game shows; the most modern game they’ve aired has been Celebrity Name Game.

Each episode of 25 Words or Less sees two teams made up of a civilian and two celebrities try to describe a series of words or phrases to their partners in 25 words or less. The day’s winning team plays the bonus round, where guessing ten words or phrases in under 25 seconds wins $10,000.

The series has been a stable performer in daily syndication and was recently renewed through the 2022-2023 season so this is a pretty big get for Buzzr.