July 29, 2020

Report: 25 Words or Less Entering Production Soon

Meredith Vieira recently revealed her popular word game will be taping new episodes soon.

The highest rated rookie syndicated show of the season, 25 Words or Less, is coming back for a second season. Recordings were delayed due to COVID-19 shut-downs, but it appears the production team has figured out how to continue the celebrity-based word game.

Host Meredith Vieira revealed the information in an interview with Fox 10 Phoenix. According to the interview, the crew is building a studio in her basement. Vieira will broadcast from her base in New York while celebrities and contestants will compete from the studio in Los Angeles. Each will have separate pods to keep contact to a minimum.

25 Words or Less is also looking for super fans to take part in the show. Producers will contact them through Zoom, and if the contestant wins the $10,000 top prize, the super fan wins $1,000. Be sure to follow the show on Twitter and Facebook for your chance.

25 Words or Less sees two teams comprised of two celebrities and one contestants try to describe several words or phrases using 25 words or less. The winning team plays the bonus round and tries to answer 10 words or phrases in less than 60 seconds and 25 words for $10,000.