April 4, 2020

Win Big with Who Wants to be a Millionaire Live

Play Millionaire live from home and win whatever the celebrity contestants do…potentially $1,000,000! Find out how inside.

The iconic quiz show Who Wants to be a Millionaire returns to broadcast television for the first time in a decade next week. The revival of Millionaire, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, debuts Wednesday, April 8th, at 10:00PM ET on ABC.

One of the most exciting additions is the new live play-along app which gives you the chance to win $1,000,000 by playing Millionaire from your couch. The live game’s winners will split the final total winnings of the celebrity contestants during that day’s show. Curious how you can win? The app and rules are out now and here’s what we know.

Download the Millionaire Live app for iOS here or for Android here. The live game will start after the TV version finishes (around 11:00PM ET). The host, Kay Adams, will ask contestants a series of questions with four choices. Contestants will have 12 seconds to choose their Final Answer via their device. If you’re right, you continue in the game. If you’re wrong or run out of time, though, you’re eliminated from winning money that game but you can still play along.

To help out, contestants get three Lifelines that can be used for the first 15 questions. You can use each Lifeline only once and only one per question so choose wisely. The Lifelines are:

*50/50: Two incorrect choices are eliminated, leaving one right and one wrong.

*Double Dip: You are allowed to choose two answers.

*Go With the Audience: You will automatically choose the answer most chosen by anyone playing the game (in play or eliminated).

After question 15, you’re on your own with no Lifelines. The game ends when there’s only one remaining contestant who answers the most recent question correctly or the host asks at least 20 questions and there is at least one remaining contestant. Any remaining contestant wins and shares in the day’s prize!

If everyone is wrong on the most recent question, no one is eliminated and the Kay will continue asking questions until there’s at least one remaining contestant. If there’s a run of wrong answers, though, and all remaining contestants answer the 25th question incorrectly, the game ends and all the remaining contestants will be considered the winners.

Be sure to download and play along when Millionaire returns to primetime television April 8th at 10:00PM ET on ABC.