March 30, 2020

Watch: This May Be the Worst Game Show Team Ever

Get A Clue is already a mess of a show. This disastrous round with a jaw-dropping team performance did not help.

We’ve been doing BuzzerBlog for 15 years. I don’t know if we’ve ever seen as big a train wreck as this. This comes from the Game Show Network original¬†Get A Clue, and we’ve got a few bones to pick with this show.

Get A Clue is essentially a Pyramid knockoff where teams have to give clues to words or phrases to try to win $10,000. The bonus round sees a team just needing to give eight correct answers in the minute. Shouldn’t be that hard given people on Pyramid get seven in 30 seconds regularly, right? Wait until you see this. We understand nerves and everything but still. This is once-in-a-lifetime material.

If this was an anomaly we’d laugh and post the clip, but this isn’t the first time this has happened on Get A Clue. They’ve seemed to frequently cast people who either completely freeze under the lights or are unable to read words in front of them despite host Rob Belushi literally begging them to look at the screen.

What also doesn’t help is that the show may have one of the most unfair and unbalanced bonus rounds I’ve ever seen. On the February 3rd episode the words the team had to give for $10,000 included “PHONE CALL, SNOW DAY, PRESIDENTS, THUMBTACK, CONSENT, MELLOW”. On February 4th, the words were “SPIN, DRUMROLL, THEME, FALAFEL, GRANDIOSE, BADGER, HAPHAZARD, SWAMI”. If there’s that much concern about awarding $10,000 that you have to suddenly bring in words like “SWAMI” and “FALAFEL”, then either lower the prize or change the format because something isn’t working.

I want to enjoy this show because word games are my favorite genre. Game Show Network is capable of making good, fair shows but this entire season has been incredibly rough. They’re not above restructuring shows between seasons. Get A Clue is a prime candidate for their rehabilitation program. This show has great potential but it needs some TLC to get there.