June 29, 2019

Watch: Haydee’s Big Money Cards (Card Sharks)

Can someone make the Card Sharks theme available for purchase? Also wow what a bet.

With hundreds of thousands of dollars up for grabs in the new Card Sharks (airing Wednesdays at 9:00PM ET on ABC), we were waiting for a moment like this. Haydee made it to the final few cards of the Money Cards in with a big bank of $40,000. Three more cards to flip. How gutsy will Haydee and how much money will she take away?

Two questions:

1: Would you gamble six figures on a three? Doubles count as a loss now so there were many cards in the deck that would have brought a very painful result.

2: The Card Sharks theme rips. Can ABC or Fremantle or someone please upload it for purchase or streaming? Thanks.