July 9, 2016

Watch: Jeopardy Trolls SNL With “Celebrity Jeopardy” Skit-Themed Board

Would you like to take “Ape Tit” or “Swords”? Maybe “Catch The Semen”? These and more were available last night amazing Jeopardy!.


Last night’s Jeopardy! officially said, “Fuck it, the season is over.” The category board was one for the record books. After years of living through contestants messing with Alex Trebek, due to the infamous Saturday Night Live Celebrity Jeopardy! skits, the show had the last laugh on Friday.

Not the best quality for now (we’ll try for a better video as it becomes available), but check out the category board for round one. It’s a greatest hits of Celebrity Jeopardy skit moments like “S” Words, “Catch These Men”, “A Petit Dejeuner,” and more. Well done to them. Take a look above.