June 28, 2016

Play: Wheel of Fortune Releases New Mobile Game Puzzle Pop

Play Wheel‘s new addictive game, combining the iconic show with a puzzle arcade game, for free on any device.

Looking for a new type of Wheel of Fortune gaming experience? You may want to check out the show’s newest mobile game “Puzzle Pop“. Available for both iOS and Android, the game gives you the usual trappings of a word puzzle to fill in and the titular wheel, full of prizes and penalties. The twist this time is the letters are encapsulated in bubbles. You play a bubble-matching game (remember Bust-A-Move? Same thing.) to free letters. If it’s right it goes in the puzzle. Solve the puzzle before running out of moves and you win and move to the next round.

The game is free right now ($2.99 at a later time) so grab it by clicking here. It’s quite addictive and good fun. Wheel has a history of really fun games spun off from the show’s usual format. You can click here to find all the different ways to play.

Check out the video below for some gameplay footage.