June 21, 2016

Get Ready to Match the Stars…Here’s a Match Game Photo Gallery

Just five more days! Check out a photo gallery for ABC’s upcoming revival of Match Game

This Sunday at 10:00PM ET sees Match Game‘s first regular-series return to television since 1999. Alec Baldwin hosts the celebrity-stuffed fill-in-the-blank game where contestants try to match answers to funny and outrageous questions to win to $25,000.

Like the other games in ABC’s Sunday Fun and Games block, Match Game has gone with a retro modern look, maintaining the iconic 70s look for the game while updating it for 2016. This goes for the game play as well. It’s been getting great audience feedback so far and we can’t wait to see it. Excited to see what the new generation of Match Game has to offer? ABC has provided us with a photo gallery. Take a look and get ready to match the stars on June 26th.