April 3, 2015

Watch: Contestant Blows a Million Dollars on “Wheel of Fortune”

It had to happen at some point.

Wheel of Fortune has been 3 for 3 with the million dollar envelope. Every person who has landed on the $1,000,000 jackpot in the bonus round has won it. It was bound to be lost at some point. Unfortunately last night was that time.

Whitney Shields, a pharmacist from Tucson, Arizona, became the first person to lose the $1,000,000 prize. Don’t feel too bad, though…she did leave with a huge $41,294 in cash and prizes. She had tough luck in the bonus puzzle letter selection. With only “_ _ T _ _ _ T A _ _ _ _ T” showing, she could not solve “WITHOUT A DOUBT” to take home the money.

Take a look at the moment above. If a higher res version comes in, we’ll pop it up there.