October 7, 2014

Watch: Super Deal Returns to Let’s Make A Deal

Will Lisa win $50,000? Will anyone mention Wayne’s sudden mustache?

Let’s Make A Deal has been enjoying record high ratings recently during this sixth season, the first in high definition. Being in HD, everything needs to be bigger and better. The CBS Daytime game show, hosted by Wayne Brady and his evil genius goatee, did that with the return of Super Deal, and with a gigantic new board.

The Super Deal lets the big winner of the day, if he or she chose the Big Deal, to trade it all back (usually at least $20,000 in cash and prizes) to pick one of three envelopes. One has $1,000 and another $2,000. However, one has $50,000 and lets the contestant keep all previous cash and prizes also.

Lisa decides to take the big risk. Will the confetti fall, or has she made a bad deal? Check it out above.