September 30, 2014

Watch: Steve Harvey Hosting Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Christmas has come early. Relive the Steve Harvey episodes of Millionaire.

We can’t speak highly enough of Steve Harvey. He and some fantastic decisions from the producers saved Family Feud from extinction. He’s an extremely funny comedian, talk show host, and actor. Hosting Who Wants to be a Millionaire may not have been one of his strong suits.

In 2010, Harvey guest hosted a week of Millionaire (clock format), substituting for Meredith Vieira. What followed was surreal and insane enough to warrant a Saturday Night Live parody. A parody for a show an overwhelming majority of the country didn’t know existed still. It’s that insane. It’s one little person and Laura Dern away from being a David Lynch film.

The footage has been pretty hidden for the past few years, and someone just tweeted us the link. I haven’t seen it since it aired and it’s better than you can imagine. You can clearly see the feel of his hosting style of Family Feud in this and why he’s such a good host there. His style just didn’t work here, but it’s still hysterical to watch.