September 19, 2014

Watch: Record Breaking Fast Money in Steve Harvey’s Family Feud

A single player almost did the impossible last night.

The first, single player during Fast Money on Family Feud is there to set the place and tee the ball up so the second player can knock it out of the park. Occasionally, during the 80’s run with Ray Combs that first player was able to reach 200 on their own.


It’s not happened since then. However, last night came just about as close as you can.  Check it out above.

Michelle McKissic stormed through the first 20 seconds of Fast Money, nailing four of the top five answers and scoring a record 194 points. All her partner, J.E., needs is 6 points. We’ve seen people completely crash in this exact situation before. Will he do it? I’m sure you can guess, but it’s still amazing to watch.

She was one number one answer away from beating the game herself. Maybe we’ll get there soon, it’s only a few shows into the new season.  Keep watching Feud and find out.