November 30, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: First Look At UK/Aussie Jeopardy! with Stephen Fry

The new revival of the classic games of answers and questions premieres in 2024.

In what might be exciting news for trivia buffs, Jeopardy! is branching out to the UK and Australia. They’re tweaking the format, stretching it to an hour with two Jeopardy! rounds, a Double Jeopardy!, and the standard Final Jeopardy! It’s like the Jeopardy! you know and love, just longer and, presumably, with more commercial breaks.

The show’s monetary values are getting trimmed, but we’re told to expect scores that echo the US version. In the UK version, we know that the values are £25, £50, £75, £100 and £150 for the first two rounds. Stephen Fry is at the helm of both versions. His dry wit seems a fitting match for the intellectual sparring of Jeopardy!, though it remains to be seen how he’ll navigate the show’s iconic quirks. It seems as if the extended run time will give Stephen more time to, well, be Stephen Fry—intelligent quips, funny off-the-cuffs and added information. If you liked Stephen on QI, you’ll probably like him here.

As for the look and feel, both versions promise to be a close cousin to the US set and graphics. A comforting bit of familiarity, but let’s hope they don’t go overboard with the homage. The show is set to premiere in the UK on 1/1/2024 (and that date works for both the US and the UK!). UK Jeopardy! will be on ITV, and Jeopardy! Australia will appear on Channel Nine.