September 18, 2023

WATCH: First-Hand Accounts of the 50s Quiz Show Scandal

The 1950s Quiz Show Scandals rocked the entertainment industry and forever changed the course of game show production. Game shows created before and after the scandal look vastly different in terms of tone, structure, drama and prize money. Two of the biggest names in game shows, Jack Barry and Dan Enright, were one of the major players in the scandal, having produced the rigged big-money high-pressure quiz show Twenty-One. Why did they do it? How did they feel about? What were the reasoning for deceiving the public? Did they have any regrets? How did they come back to the industry?

In their ongoing series of interviews, the National Archives of Game Show History at the Strong Museum of Play have interviewed two people who are as close as we today can possibly get to the team of Barry & Enright: Patte Barry, Jack’s wife, and Don Enright, Dan’s son, to talk about the mens’ careers, including how they dealt with the scandal before, during and after, and a larger discussion on their effects of game shows as a whole. It’s a fascinating interview, well worth the time to watch.