June 27, 2023

Graham Norton Announced as the New Host of Wheel of Fortune (in the UK)

Didn't I write this article today already?

Late-night host and UK national treasure Graham Norton will be the latest Brit to take control of that rainbow-colored Wheel of Fortune, as ITV and production company Whisper North reboot America’s Game for our tea-swilling friends in the UK.

“I’m beyond excited to be bringing such an iconic American show to a new British audience. My first ever TV job was a game show on ITV so this feels like coming full circle. You might even call it a wheel!” Norton, host of the popular BBC talker The Graham Norton Show, said in a statement.

Graham Norton’s broadcasting career started as the host of a short-lived late-night quiz show for ITV called Carnal Knowledge. From there, he hosted many talk, game and panel shows, including heading up the British coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The UK has had its fair share of hosts of the popular game of Hangman for Money (or prizes, as traditionally seen in the UK), including lovable favorite Bradley Walsh, in a mode one can only describe as “the definition of manic” while sporting “a miserable haircut”.


The UK’s reboot of the show will have a series as well as a couple Celebrity specials. This keeps the conjoined Griffin twins together for their London calling, as Whisper North is also rebooting Jeopardy! for ITV with host Stephen Fry. No word on whether the two shows will air back to back, and if they do, no word on if Jeopardy! will air first, as God intended.