March 16, 2016

New Info About ABC’s $100,000 Pyramid Format

More like the $150,000 Pyramid, am I right?!

BuzzerBlog has new information about the format of the new summer ABC revival of The $100,000 Pyramid, hosted by former NFL star and Regis Philbin seat warmer Michael Strahan.

In terms of the front game, it sounds like we’re in for some familiar feelings. The teams will be presented with six subjects, each with seven words or phrases. The team that has the most points at the end of the game goes to the Winner’s Circle. There’s a Mystery 7 in the second game of the hour, and if you get 7 out of 7 in 50 (yeah, you hear us—50) 30 seconds, the team will win a bonus prize.

If a player makes it to the Winner’s Circle, that player will play for $50,000. If they make a second trip to the Winner’s Circle, they’ll be playing for a $100,000 prize, meaning an astute player can take ABC for $150,000. Maybe even more.

Casting is currently still ongoing, and you can get your application in quick at Tickets for the audience, taping in New York in mid-April, are also available at

Edit: A producer on the show has informed us that Mystery 7 is actually 30, not 50 seconds. BuzzerBlog regrets the error.