January 9, 2016

Play Jeopardy! With The Amazon Echo

Here’s your host, Alexa Trebek.

The Amazon Echo is one of those devices where you don’t quite know if you need it or not. It does some really neat things just by talking to it, from playing music, to reading books, to setting kitchen timers, and even telling you a dad joke. As a techie, there are some features I’d like to see in the next iteration of the Echo, including Spotify support and audio out. But with the current update, it’s a bit more appealing as you can have a little more fun by playing the ultimate quiz in town, Jeopardy! Just say the command, “Alexa, start Jeopardy!” and it will give you clues from an array of topics. And just like the show, you must respond in the form of a question. It’s easier than ever to break out a quick round of Jeopardy! at home solo or with a group of friends.

This is not the only tech product to incorporate Jeopardy! into its offerings. Slack rooms have a “trebekbot” that allows people to play in the chatroom, and it even keeps track of scores.

H/T Engadget