January 6, 2016

You Won’t Believe The Game-Shattering Change 500 Questions Is Introducing For Season 2

We’re putting it behind a click because it’s so incredibly game-changing.

They’re cutting 5 seconds per question. You now only have 5 seconds to answer, instead of 10.

Sorry for the hyperbole. There’s so many changes that you could ask 500 Questions to make for season 2. You could ask for a clear end-game prize, a simplified scoring structure, a better host. Was anyone complaining that the timer was too long?

EDIT: We’ve gotten more information and now my headline is a little less sarcastic and slightly more genuine. In Season 1, you only banked money if your first submitted answer was correct. In Season 2, you’ll get cash as long as you give a correct answer in time, which increases the amount of money contestants will make, makes the game seem less cheap for Primetime, and won’t confuse the populace at large.