April 17, 2015

Harry Friedman Tried To Find Sponsor for Trebek’s Mustache

We mustache you an answer—but we’ll shave it for later.

Continuing our barrage of leaked e-mail scouting, it looks like Harry Friedman, executive producer of Jeopardy!, looked for some revenue from the stately ‘stache on Trebek’s upper lip:

We have a unique opportunity but it ‘s very time sensitive. After 13 years , Alex Trebek has grown back his mustache. We have a plan to take advantage of the seemingly never-ending interest in his upper lip, and monetize the interest that will be generated when he shaves it off again. So, yes, we’re looking for someone …..Gillette, Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s , Schick, Bic….to be the Official Razor of Alex Trebek’s Mustache.

Because of the tape -to–air lag, Alex will be shaving his mustache on Tuesday morning before we tape . We’ll shoot the shaving scene without reference to a particular brand of razor. The actual episode won’t air until mid October, which gives us some time. Our plan is to later shoot an insert of Alex’s hand reaching for whichever razor ends up being the sponsor. But I think it would be a kick for any brand to be able to tout itself as “The Official Razor Of AlexTrebek’s Mustache”. To get that we’d be looking for $$ for the show and for Alex.

And to think it was just a publicity stunt.