June 16, 2014

TV Geek Paul Goebel Wants To Revive Beat the Geeks With Your Help

The Comedy Central game show’s spiritual revival is looking for funding on Kickstarter.

If you don’t remember Beat the Geeks, you’re missing out on some prime game show goodness. Imagine The Chase but with three Chasers with obsessive proficiency in music, movies and television. It ran for two seasons on Comedy Central and was pretty awesome. Now, TV Geek Paul Goebel wants to tape a pilot for a new show in the same vein as Beat the Geeks, but he needs your help.

With shows like King of the Nerds and The Big Bang Theory glorifying geek culture while still stereotyping and compartmentalizing it, the promise of having a geeky game show without the condescending nature that mainstream “geek” media has is more than enough for a $10 donation. With 6 days left and around $13,000 to go, let’s see if we as game show nerds can’t help a TV geek make his game show pilot.

Learn more and donate at Kickstarter.