May 22, 2014

Why Do Game Show Hosts Vote Republican?

There’s a weird pocket of game show hosts who show conservative or very conservative political views.

Chuck Woolery’s an outspoken Republican, Pat Sajak recently tweeted that global warming alarmists are “unpatriotic racists,” and Alex Trebek recently stated that the Washington Redskins’ name is fine as it is (“They weren’t called the Redskins because we thought Redskins were terrible; it’s because we admire their strength, their abilities,” he said in a recent interview).

Why is that? Rebecca Dana at the Daily Beast analyzes the evidence, which boils down to a personality trait: “To have the right sensibility to be a game-show host, you do have to have a belief in rugged individualism—either you make it or you’re not worth it.”

You can read more over at the Daily Beast.